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The longer the event the more important it is to get your nutrition right.  It also becomes increasingly important to add protein into the fuel mix, and consistently consume extra electrolytes.

All of Hammer Nutrition’s during Fuels are acceptable for use. We do have preferences for the different legs of the events.

Bike Leg

Preferred fuels  – Perpetuem or Sustained Energy.

Both these fuels can be mixed into a multi-hour bottle (3-5Hours). This makes them ideal for the bike. You can consume the relevant % of the bottle per hour which is the only nutrition you will require, plus your hydration (water) per hour.

Both products contain Protein. The major difference is that Perpetuem contains Lipids (type of fat). Generally, Perpetuem is our first choice and will suit most Triathletes. Sustained Energy will suit the smaller leaner athletes which are able to maintain a higher heart rate.

Tip; Always use an insulated bottle (Camleback). Mix the powder in a blender the night before and place it in the fridge. Take out the morning of the event.

These products are not sweet, which allows easy consumption hour after hour without the sickly sweet taste of gels.

TIP – on the bike separate your hydration from your nutrition to stop confusion. (Have 2 water bottles).

Electrolytes Endurolytes or FIZZ

Both of these can be used. Our preference is the Endurolytes (1-3 per hour) as it does not have to be mixed with water and the dosage can be increased easily.

TIP – You have to be consistent with consumption every hour as electrolytes are not stored in the body.

Other fuels can be used such as Hammer Bars and Hammer gels. You need to ensure that if you mix fuels you do not overconsume calories.

Liquid Fuels (preferred over solids)

Liquids are easily digestible. Solids will take longer to digest and will take blood away from the working muscles to digest. When taking liquids you can be almost 100% certain of how many calories you are consuming per hour (provided you don’t over-consume – less than 300 cal.) Taking solids you can never be sure how many calories are being digested per hour.


You have a couple of options for the run.  Hammer Gel and Perpetuem Solids

Our preference is Hammer Gels for “ease of use”

TIP – The best way to use Hammer gel is to purchase a bottle (26 gels) and mix it into a small flask carried in a fuel belt. A small amount of water can be added to dilute the gel ensuring easy consumption. Several flasks can be carried.

Electrolytes – Endurolytes or FIZZ

Once you have started the run and into the final stage, you still need to ensure you consistently consume electrolytes. Do not forget.